Stop Your Sweet Tooth Craving with Chocolate Smoothies

Most people have cravings for certain food at certain periods, be it sugar, carbohydrates or alcohol. This is felt as an urge to reach for that bar of candy or that bag of potato chips to snack on, or to drink that glass of wine after dinner. The cravings are signs that the body gives. When someone is tired or depressed, brain chemicals react and tell the body to eat something. The brain signals are the cravings.

Sugar cravings are very common, especially among women. For some, eating sweets have become a habit after a meal or during certain periods of the day. Others are used to the feel-good effect that sweet treats provide and they feel irritable when avoiding them. In short, sugar can be addictive. Fortunately, there are healthy ways to give the body what it needs and one of these is by drinking a chocolate smoothies.

Chocolate, by itself, is not unhealthy. In fact, it has been touted as a health food because it contains anti-oxidants that are also found in green tea. Anti-oxidants provide many benefits for the body such as improved circulation, better digestion, lowered risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, and defense against free radicals that can cause many types of illnesses. This does not mean that people can have their fill of the chocolate bars available everywhere. The benefits can only be obtained when eating dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, and not from the more common ones containing processed cocoa that has been mixed with sugars, milk and artificial flavors.

Since the aim is to make the chocolate smoothies as healthy as possible, only dark chocolate of good quality should be used. Milk can be added but others have suggested using nuts, coconut, avocados and oatmeal to make their drinks creamy. Smoothie drinkers are encouraged to experiment with ingredients when it comes to mixing them with chocolate because it is very versatile and goes well with many types of flavors. Who knows? One might stumble into a mixture that tastes amazingly great.

As most of us would attest, what is chocolate without the sweetness? Although refined sugar can be added, it should be avoided as much as possible because it will only add empty calories to the chocolate smoothies. A good alternative is to use dates that have been soaked in water. Dates are naturally sweet fruits that are very rich in vitamins and fiber. They will not only make the smoothie taste better, but will also make it creamy. Bananas are also excellent substitutes for sugar. They are rich in potassium that promotes normal blood pressure and heart functions. Adding nuts will make the smoothie tastier and more protein-rich and good for boosting energy.

Chocolate smoothies not only provide great taste but great nutrition as well. Amazingly, despite the benefits that it gives, it does not add extra pounds to the body. Anyone can now satisfy sweet cravings without feeling the guilt.