Staying Healthy With Smoothies Articles

Low Fat Smoothies: Delicious Drinks that Don’t Add Inches to Your Waistline

Being health-conscious, people are always looking out for food alternatives that provide the best benefit for the body. When one goes shopping in the supermarket, it is not unusual to find low-fat or non-fat versions of just about every kind of food. Considering the rising popularity of smoothies these days, then it’s not a surprise to come across low fat smoothies as well.

Staying Healthy with Vegetable Smoothies

Vegetable smoothies are mixtures made up of leafy greens, fruit and water or some other kind of liquid. The composition ratio is usually sixty percent fruit and forty percent greens. Even if fruit is the main ingredient, smoothies take on the color of the leafy vegetables.

Popular Fruit and Smoothie Mixes and Their Benefits

The kind of fruit that go into a smoothie largely depends on the taste preference of the person who will be drinking it. Some like fruits with high sugar content and some prefer the tart ones. Some go for the fibrous ones while others like those that yield lots of liquid. Personal tastes indeed vary but some fruits have earned the distinction of being favorites.

Fruit Smoothies to Boost Your Energy

There is no question that fruits are healthy. A testament to that is the fact that the United States Department of Health has recommended having at least five servings of fruits and vegetables everyday. Research results have indicated that these foods help the body to fight cardiovascular diseases and some cancers. However, research results also show that only a small percentage of the population follows this recommendation.