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Yogurt Fruit Smoothies: The Perfect Solution for a Snack Attack

Smoothies are usually made from fruits and vegetables. However, some prefer to add other ingredients for flavor and for added nutrition, such as nuts, chocolate or vanilla, and dietary supplements in powder form. Still, others prefer creamier smoothies and they add ice cream, milk and other dairy to their drink.

Milk Smoothies or Smoothies with Yogurt - Which is Better?

Almost any smoothie has milk or yogurt in it, or both. Some even feel it is not a smoothie if it does not have one or the other even if fruits are what make smoothie a smoothie. Although there are several ways of making it, there are basic ingredients to consider. Firstly, whether the drinks are milk smoothies or smoothies with yogurt, they contain fruits.

Stop Your Sweet Tooth Craving with Chocolate Smoothies

Most people have cravings for certain food at certain periods, be it sugar, carbohydrates or alcohol. This is felt as an urge to reach for that bar of candy or that bag of potato chips to snack on, or to drink that glass of wine after dinner. The cravings are signs that the body gives. When someone is tired or depressed, brain chemicals react and tell the body to eat something.

Blender Smoothies to Jumpstart Your Day

We have always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Nevertheless, it is also the meal that we oftentimes skip because we are too much in a hurry to leave for work, or we simply don’t have the appetite to eat in the morning. Most of us may not be aware of it but we forego a lot of benefits when we skip it.