A Banana Yogurt Smoothie that You can Make at Home

Bananas are one of the classic ingredients that go into smoothies, and for good reason. This fruit is full of nutrients that give the body a host of benefits. Bananas are excellent sources of energy. Have you seen tennis players on television chomping on the fruit in between games? This is because the nutrients found in it provide enough energy for a high-intensity physical activity. It also contains B vitamins that calm the nervous system and controls the levels of blood sugar in the body. Blood pressure can be regulated by potassium, a mineral that is found in bananas. Moreover, it promotes healthy digestion because of the fiber content.

Another classic smoothie ingredient is yogurt. Like bananas, yogurt is also good for the body. The main benefit it offers is that it supports good digestion because of the good bacteria it contains. It is also a source of calcium, protein and vitamin B2.

A delicious way to obtain the benefits that both ingredients offer is to drink a glass of banana yogurt smoothie. To prepare this drink, the only pieces of equipment required are a blender, to combine the ingredients together, and a knife to slice the bananas. A basic recipe would have one cup of unflavored yogurt, one medium banana, one tablespoon of honey, half teaspoon for vanilla extract and ice cubes. The ingredients are mixed together in the blender until smooth. Blending time depends largely on preference. Those who prefer to find chunks of bananas in their smoothies can blend in just seconds but those who want their drinks smooth need to blend longer. The amount of ice cubes would depend on the desired consistency of the drink. For a more nutritious banana yogurt smoothie, fruit juice or milk can be utilized instead of ice cubes. The bananas can be fresh or frozen, as using one or the other will not affect the nutritional value. A suggested way to freeze bananas is to peel and cut them in half and put them into freezer bags until ready to be used.

There is no need to strictly adhere to the recommended basic recipe. More ingredients can be added as desired. For example, strawberries can be added to the banana yogurt smoothie. Instead of plain cow’s milk, soy or rice milk can be used, a good alternative for those who are lactose intolerant. Chocolate or peanut butter can also be incorporated into the smoothie, as bananas go well with both flavors. If the sweetness of the banana is not adequate to the palate, more honey can be used. The more adventurous ones even put maple syrup into their banana yogurt smoothie. Another option would be to incorporate milk that is already sweetened or natural fruit juice.

Having a healthy drink need not involve elaborate preparations. As what has just been shown, it only takes gathering a few ingredients and mixing these all in a blender. Preparing the banana yogurt smoothie ourselves ensures that we fully know what they contain and we can make them as healthy as we want them to be. We can drink to our enjoyment, and best of all, we can drink to our health.