The Secret Behind Green Smoothie Benefits

Eating green vegetables is good for your health, but you don’t really extract all of its nutritional value through chewing. All of the essential nutrients can be found within its walls at a cellular level. The truth is you’d have to chew it over and over again until it turns into creamy mush. But even after doing so, this method of extraction will only get you 25% of all its vitamins, minerals and other healthy elements.

But what happens if you take the organic greens and toss them into a blender? Simple – the cell walls are broken down easily, therefore releasing its true potential for health bonuses. And this is the secret behind the numerous green smoothie benefits many drinkers all over the world enjoy, since this variation is comprised of 40% vegetable and 60% fruit.

Since it all has been blended, the absorption of these nutrients takes place at a much faster rate. Having said that, you may be wondering what are the other green smoothie benefits you get when consuming this drink, right? Well taken I am, here’s the first one: fiber. Now, fiber in turn has a truckload of benefits, that range from helping you defecate better (great for some cases of constipation) and even manage diabetes as well as some forms of cancer.

Antioxidants are also included in the many green smoothie benefits. How this works is simple: it eliminates free radicals in the body. Free radicals are bad because they cause instability in cells and break them down, and continue with doing so every single day. Eventually, this leads to tissue damage, organ damage, and finally the rise of diseases. But you won’t have to be worrying about this as much if you have regular intake of antioxidants.

Many drinkers of this beverage claim that drinking the concoction everyday makes them less prone to eating other unhealthy foods. Based on my personal experience, I’d have to agree – drinking one whenever I’m hungry gets me full right away. This makes it great for people wanting to cut back on excess pounds.

Lastly, one of the best green smoothie benefits is its taste, which is great - props to its blend of fruits and other ingredients. Individuals that dislike the taste of green vegetables will be able to get the vital nutrition they need through this concoction. Moreover, having the same problem with kids can be eliminated with this beverage as well.