Smoothie-Making Tips

No doubt, making smoothies is simple. In addition, there are no hard and fast rules on the amounts and types of ingredients that you put into your drink. However, there are good smoothies and better smoothies. If you want to get the best out of every smoothie glass, then there are certain techniques that will help you make them more delicious and nutritious.

1. The best fruits to use for a smoothie are those that are fresh and ripe. If you can purchase from farmers’ markets, then do so. If you only have the supermarket as your fruit source, then take note of the days when deliveries are made and buy the fruits during these times.

2. Frozen fruits are also great for smoothies. In fact, some even prefer frozen than fresh. In terms of nutritional value and taste, there isn’t any significant difference between these two. This is because most fruits are frozen right after picking so they preserve the freshness and nutrients. Fresh fruits, on the other hand, have to be transported and stored for a while before they reach the supermarket shelves. During transit, they have lost some of their freshness.

When buying frozen, make sure that the fruits you choose are unsweetened, not the types that have syrup added to them. Aside from the extra calories you will get from the syrup, refined sugars are not healthy and you would want to do away with them when making smoothies.

3. If your access to fresh or frozen fruit is limited, then by all means, use canned fruit for your smoothies. Although this is not as healthy as the other two, canned fruits have the advantage of serving as liquid ingredient and thickener at the same time.

4. Drink your smoothies immediately after preparing them. Due to oxidation, the fruits can begin to turn brown and those with yogurt mixed into them will start to separate.

5. The colder the fruit, the thicker the smoothie will be. If this is what you want, freeze or chill the fruits first before mixing them in.

6. Most recipes will tell you to combine everything in a blender but if you want to create better smoothies, order does matter when it comes to mixing in the ingredients, because doing so will give you the ideal texture, especially when using ice cubes and frozen concentrates. Crush the ice first, and then add the fruits. Put in the frozen fruit concentrates next and then pour in the fruit juices. Finally, add the dairy and other additives. Make sure to blend for a few seconds between each type of ingredient.

7. Start the blender at low speed at first to chop up the solid ingredients. Increase the speed as you combine the contents together.

8. Never stir the contents while the blender is still turned on. Let the blades stop completely before opening the lid and stirring. Stir from the bottom up for better results.

9. Some recipes call for crushed ice. To crush ice, fill the blender container halfway with cold water. Add 2 c of ices cubes and replace the container lid. Press on the Chop button repeatedly until the ice cubes are crushed to the desired consistency. Drain out the excess water using a strainer or colander. This procedure makes approximately 1 c of crushed ice.

If your blender does not crush ice very well, use frozen drink concentrate for your smoothies. There are many flavorsto choose from and they combine well with fruits and dairy products and will make the drink deliciously frosty. If you use concentrate instead of ice, lessen or do not use water anymore, since this will dilute the flavor and diminish the frosty effect.

10. To reduce the fat content of your smoothie, substitute skim milk or non-fat milk for regular milk. The nutritional value can be enhanced with the addition of wheat germ, protein powder or brewer’s yeast.

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