How to Make a Good Smoothie(Smoothie-Making Tips continued)

11. Some hard fruits like apples are more difficult to break down and may result in a lumpy drink. A good method of avoiding this is to juice the fruits first and add the juice and pulp to the smoothie. You will need a juicer to be able to do this.

12. Peel the fruits when necessary and add them at a steady rate in the blender until the desired consistency is achieved.

13. To thicken a thin drink, add ice or fruit.

14. To dilute a thick drink, add more milk, water or juice and blend again. Be careful when doing this because you might also dilute the flavor as well.

15. To make a creamier drink, use ice cream or yogurt instead of ice.

16. To make a sweeter drink, use honey or dried fruits. Alternatively, you can add a banana to sweeten and thicken your smoothie. Apple, grape and mango juices also add sweetness. As much as possible, avoid using refined sugars because these are not healthy.

17. If you find the smoothie too sweet, mix in tart fruits.

18. A smoothie made from raspberries and cranberries might be too acidic and one that consists solely of bananas and yogurt might be too bland. Balance the taste of your drink by mixing sharp citrus flavors with sweet creamy fruits and dairy.

19. Although drinking a smoothie right after preparations is recommended, there are times when you have to freeze it. When freezing, do not fill the container to the brim but leave a small space at the top of the container because smoothies, like any other liquids, expand during the freezing process. Take out the smoothie from the freezer an hour before drinking to thaw it and always consume smoothies within 24 hours from preparation.

20. Freeze fruit juice in ice trays and use this to chill your smoothies. The fruity ice cubes will add more flavor to your drink.

21. Chop up fruits and vegetables before blending to avoid getting lumps.

22. Before pouring out your drink from the blender, check to see if all the ingredients have been pureed. If this is not the case, keep blending. You may have to stir the ingredients in order to puree everything.

23. Judging the right consistency of your smoothie is a little tricky, especially if you are just starting on the smoothie habit. A good test would be to take a sip using a straw. If you can drink it without having to suck hard and without any fruit bits getting stuck, then the smoothie’s consistency is just right. Otherwise, continue blending for a bit longer or add more liquid if it is too thick.

24. Try different ingredients and combinations to suit your taste and discover new ones. Also try different additives that can enhance flavor and add to the nutritional value. When it comes to smoothies, be creative and don’t be afraid to experiment.

25. Drink your smoothie with style. Serve it in a margarita or a fancy glass, and sip it with a straw. This will make your drinking experience even more enjoyable.

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