Smoothie Business Basics

If you feel you’ve already learned all you need to know in making healthy homemade smoothies, then you may also feel that it’s time to share your smoothie knowledge to a less-informed world (read: less-informed of your delicious smoothies). If you think I just described you, then welcome to the wonderful world of smoothie business, where you get to make all the smoothies you want for a profit.

Most businessmen say that you can’t go wrong in the food business. In the case of smoothies, this is particularly true. Unlike other food business ventures, you don’t really need to learn how to cook. As long as you know how peel off the skin of some fruits and vegetables and to operate a blender or a juice-making machine, then you’re all set and raring to go.

You have 2 choices: you can go for a franchise (which is faster to put up but a bit costly), or you can set up your own bar (which is cheaper but may take you some time to set up).

If you plan to put up a franchise, prepare yourself for the initial cost. This is because it is more costly (surveys have shown that it takes around $200,000 to $250,000 to start a typical franchise) Why? Because you actually already have your work cut out for you – you have a brand that is recognized by patrons and you don’t need much effort to make your own smoothie recipes since they already have a set menu.

Starting your own stall would be much cheaper than getting a franchise. But you would have to do more work. For starters, you would need to create your own smoothie recipes from scratch. They should be delicious, affordable, nutritious with eye-and-ear catching looks and names all at the same time. (Work with popular fruits first and do popular combinations. Once you’ve established a clientele, it will be easy to experiment on new products.) It would be better if you have a culinary background to know what may work and what won’t.

Also, you would need to look for a strategic location where there’s a lot of traffic (read: people passing by) – somewhere near a school or in a mall or a commercial complex would be best. And you have to do your best to advertise. Do not rely on word of mouth (unless you belong to elite social classes where everyone is sociable); go for leaflets, fliers and posters. You can even go online to advertise.

Since smoothies are known for their health benefits, start from there. Have fruit selections that people want (usually energy-boosting and anti-oxidant-filled drinks), and add some extra ingredients like protein powder for fiber, vitamin C and other extracts that make a drink healthy.

As with any business, a smoothie shop takes time, effort and patience. But never forget to include fun in what you’re doing as it will show in the smoothies you produce.