Match Your Healthy Smoothies With Healthy Kids Foods

One of the best things about smoothies is that they help you stay healthy by helping you fulfill your daily requirements of fruit and vegetables in a truly delicious way. Because of this, many people choose to drink smoothies as one way of staying healthy. Many parents also choose to give their children smoothies as one way to get them to eat their fruits and vegetables. While it definitely helps, drinking healthy smoothies isn't enough. Your and your children's bodies need much more than just fruit and vegetables. Match your healthy homemade smoothies with some healthy kids foods.

The easiest way to raise healthy kids is by making sure you give them a good balanced diet that consists of all the essential food groups, namely grains or carbohydrates, dairy, protein, fruits and vegetables. As an adult, you need the same food groups, but in different portions. It is important that you keep track of the right portions for each of the food groups since as your child gets older, portions or serving sizes will change. Make sure both you and your kids eat these healthy foods in the right portions everyday.

Truthfully, you are unlikely to get your daily requirements of fruit and vegetables through smoothies alone, unless you drink four smoothies a day! Your child may be able to get their daily requirement, and though this is good for their health, they should also learn how to eat vegetables and fruit and not just drink them. However, smoothies are a great way to introduce vegetables because they're sweet, delicious, and look good. Just remember to mind the amount of sugar you put into these drinks!

To match your healthy smoothies with healthy kids foods, consider what vegetables and fruit you are consuming when you drink your smoothies. Try to serve different fruits and vegetables during your family meals. This will help you make sure that your kids are getting a variety of vitamins. You should also consider the carbohydrate and dairy content of your smoothies and compute this into the daily requirements for both you and your children. That way you are sure that you aren't getting an overdose of any of the food groups. (Though it is okay for growing children to eat slightly more than the recommended requirements.)

If you and your children drink smoothies regularly, the best healthy kids food to focus on are lean proteins and whole wheat products. Coming up with a meal plan of menu for each week, which takes smoothies into consideration can help you make sure you and your child has a good balanced diet, giving you happy and healthy kids.

Remember, it is never to early to start healthy eating. Serving healthy kids food will give you healthy kids, which is integral to your child's development. Remember to praise your children every time they eat healthy because this will encourage them to keep it up. Finally, along with healthy eating, set up some play time or exercise time for your children because maintaining health goes beyond eating correctly. is a sister site of Healthy Homemade Smoothies. Learn more about how to get your children to eat healthily when you read Yummy Healthy Tummy today!