Losing Weight with Smoothies

Today’s generation is a health-conscious one and this explains why you see so many health products being marketed, ranging from herbs and drinks, to full meal replacements. People are getting more and more aware of the dangers of a diet full of fat, sugar and sodium. Aside from the undesirable weight gain, there are health risks that eating an unhealthy diet provides. Studies have shown that a person who does not make wise food choices is more prone to chronic diseases and cancer.

Eating the right food these days can be quite a struggle. There are so many food choices and the most desirable ones are the least healthy too, laden with fat, sugar and high in cholesterol. Of course there are healthy alternatives as well but most of the time, these are the kinds of food you have avoided since childhood. Remember how you have to be forced to “eat your vegetables” by your mom? Hence, you might ask yourself: is there a delicious way of having my nutrients without the fat, sodium, sugar and cholesterol? Definitely! The answer is low-fat smoothies.

You can consider smoothies a healthier version of the milkshake that you can find in fast-food joints. Milkshakes are very tasty but they contain large amounts of the substances you should avoid, like fat and refined sugar. Smoothies, on the other hand, have vitamins, minerals, enzymes and natural sugar. If you want to lose weight without feeling deprived or lethargic,  then smoothies are the ideal solution. The ingredients provide you with sufficient amounts of nutrients and energy without the calories. What’s more, the fiber from the fruits and vegetables will keep you full so that you will not feel hungry.

Indeed, the fruits and vegetables are the main contributors to the nutrients found in your smoothie. However, bear in mind that some smoothies, while containing nutritious substances, might also have other ingredients added that add to its calorie content. This is especially true for those commercially-sold smoothies.

There are truly low-fat kinds out there. But you should be aware that there are also smoothies that have ingredients which are heavy in calories and fat. Some smoothies currently being sold by smoothie stands can go as high as 500 to 900 calories, and can have as much as 29 grams of fat.

To avoid these calorie-rich drinks, always check the ingredients. Avoid those that are labeled as having chocolate, heavy syrup, ice cream, peanut butter, whole milk, cream and fruit nectar. Instead, choose smoothies that are made of non-fat or low-fat dairy products, shaved ice, fresh or water-packed fruits and fruit juices.

Probably the best thing you can do to really be sure that your smoothie is 100% healthy is to make your own smoothie. Not only will you have full knowledge of what you put into the drinks, but you will also have the benefit of using only the ingredients that are fresh and to your preference.

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