How to Make Green Smoothies (Green Smoothies continued)

  • Silverbeet. Silverbeet is also known as Swiss chard but it looks and tastes like spinach. It is packed with antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. Since it does not have a very strong taste, try mixing a handful into your green smoothie and reap the nutritional benefits.
  • Spinach. Spinach is the ideal leafy green you should use if you are just beginning to drink green smoothies. It has a large amount of vitamins but does not taste strong. It is excellent when blended with berries, as you will hardly notice its taste. Baby spinach has an even less noticeable taste. You can start with a handful of this type of greens and add more as your palate gets used to the taste.
  • Basil. Like parsley, basil is a popular herb but it can also be combined with other ingredients to make a greens smoothie. Basil is a popular choice for those who like savory smoothies. Basil helps in relieving inflammation in the body and inhibits the growth of certain types of bacteria.
  • Mint. This herb gives your smoothie a cool flavor. Mint is a popular herb that blends well with other fruits and vegetables. Some especially like it with their chocolate smoothies. It is a well-known remedy to soothe an upset stomach.
  • Wheatgrass. Wheatgrass contains a large amount of chlorophyll and is therefore highly nutritious; however, it has a very stringy pulp which makes it undesirable for smoothies. What you can do is to extract the juice from the wheatgrass and mix it with your smoothie. This requires an extra step and requires additional equipment but the nutritional rewards are worth it.

Of course, you can mix in other greens of your choice but the ones listed above are the more commonn ones.

Green smoothies are an easy way to get your required daily intake of vegetables. You do not have to go through the experience of tasting the vegetables, which is the primary reason why most people have an aversion to including greens in their diets. Because the main component of the smoothie is fruit, it will have a fruity flavor, and not a leafy taste.

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