How to Get Rid of Your Sweet Tooth

Is your craving for sweet treats wreaking havoc with your weight-loss routine and giving you blood sugar problems? Depending on how intense your sugar “addiction” is, you might want to wait for a week to successfully curb your sugar cravings. Some people may experience two to five days of “withdrawal” period wherein they feel lethargic. That is normal. The important thing is that you get used to subsisting on a reduced sugar diet.

Here are ways to eliminate your sweet tooth.

  • As much as possible, do not resort to artificial sweeteners and “sugar-free” labeled food products. The negative health effects of synthetic sugar substitutes are worse than putting actual sugar in your food. Maltitol, a laxative, is used as an artificial sweetener in some “sugar-free” foods. There are also disturbing side effects from synthetic sugar, including kidney and liver defects, nervous system disruptions, and even cancer formation. The five most dangerous sugar substitutes are aspartame, sucralose (the product that’s marketed as Splenda), saccharin, acesulfame K, and neotame. If you need a healthy sugar substitute, go for raw organic honey.
  • Eat little but eat many times during the day. For example, munch on almonds midday when you feel the ever familiar onset of a sugar craving. Eating often and in small amounts is healthy, too. Your blood sugar does not suffer from extreme highs and lows.
  • Eat lean protein. Have an egg or oily fish. Sometimes, when your body needs protein, it manifests as a sugar craving. Address that nutritional requirement by eating lean protein. But don’t eat too much of it. The breakdown of protein in the body produces smelly compounds. They lead to body odor. That is why people who eat a lot of meat have bad breath. That bad breath is caused by their meat-rich diet. Drink lots of water. And if you can, eat a lot of leafy greens along with the protein.
  • Substitute the processed sweets with whole fruits. Fresh or frozen fruits are best. Dried fruits are no-no’s because they contain a lot of sugar. In fact, the drying process concentrates the sugar. Whole fruits also prevent the sugar rush that’s commonly associated with processed sugars.
  • And if you truly cannot eliminate the sugar craving fast, then go for “quality” sweets in the meantime. For example, go for a small piece of dark chocolate instead of a cheap candy bar.

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