Green Smoothies

Have you even seen a green smoothie? I am sure you have and you might be wondering what ingredients are in those drinks. Well, wonder no more! You will not only be reading about green smoothies in this article, you will also learn how to make them.

Green smoothies are mixtures of water, leafy greens and fruit. Ideally, the ratio of the amount of fruit and greens is 60-40; hence, even if the color of the drink is green, it tastes like fruit. The greens are well-blended with water using the blender, which breaks down their cellular structure. This releases the nutrients contained in the greens and combines them with the other ingredients in the smoothie. This is what makes a green smoothie ultra nutritious.

What types of leafy greens can you use for your green smoothie? You can choose from:

  • Lettuce. Among the leafy greens, lettuce is not a nutritional great when compared to the darker-colored ones. However, they are still a good source of fiber and do not have a strong taste. You can have lettuce in your smoothies if you are not used to the taste of greens.
  • Parsley. Parsley is not only for garnishing. It provides a refreshing and distinct flavor to smoothies. It can freshen up breath and can be mixed with fruit or other vegetables for your smoothies. There are two kinds of parsley: flat-leafed and curly. The curly type is stronger in flavor so you might think of using flat-leafed for your initial few glasses of green smoothie.
  • Kale. Kale belongs to the cabbage family and has a fairly strong taste. If you plan to use it on your smoothies, start with just a one leaf or two. You can always have more once you get used to the taste. It is an excellent source of vitamin K. This vitamin is known for its blood-clotting properties and has recently been discovered to aid in the body’s absorption of calcium. It also helps to prevent cancer and hardening of the arteries.
  • Chard. Chard has one of the strongest tastes among the leafy greens so you probably would want to use this only when you have gotten used to the taste of green smoothies. It can also be fairly bitter in taste. Chard, being one of the more darker-colored leafy vegetables, contains more nutrients than the others; hence, it is very beneficial to the body. If you are a novice to the green smoothie movement, you might consider using only a single leaf for your first smoothie and then working your way up. Take your time as your taste buds gets accustomed to the flavor.

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