Coffee Facts

It is said that coffee is the second most popular drink in the world, next to water; and is enjoyed by people all over the world. It is made from the seeds of a ripened fruit of a tree which is native to Africa but is also cultivated in other continents. Being an immensely popular drink, it is not surprising to find a wide array of brands, styles and preparation methods for coffee.

Some smoothie recipes use brewed coffee and some require espresso. Espresso is a small one to two ounce shot of pressure-brewed coffee which uses approximately one tablespoon of coffee. Brewing espresso is a very quick process, taking only 25 to 30 seconds, using an espresso machine.

Here are some facts about coffee that you might find useful:

  • Coffee without sugar or milk has 0 calories.
  • Coffee does not grow as plain brown beans but as red berries with green beans. One berry contains twobeans.
  • Roasting dries out the beans and caramelize the sugars in it.
  • A good cup of coffee does not only depend on the type of blend but also on the coffee-water ratio used for
  • brewing.
  • The two main species of coffee is Robusta and Arabica. Robusta, which has more caffeine, is considered as lower grade and is often used in instant coffee mixes.
  • Espresso has less caffeine than drip coffee. When espresso is made, hot water is forced through ground coffee under pressure, which limits the time of contact between coffee and water. This process extracts the flavor effectively but leaves a large amount of the caffeine.
  • Green coffee beans can keep its quality for up to a year if kept in a cool, dry place. On the other hand, roasted coffee beans begin to lose flavor after only 48 hours. In ground coffee, the loss of flavor is accelerated because a larger part of the bean is exposed to the elements. This explains why when serving coffee, grinding is done right before brewing.
  • The flavor that a coffee bean lends depends on the region and climate of where it was grown. It is also affected by the drying, storing and roasting methods that it undergoes.
  • More than 400 billion cups are drunk by people all over the world every year.

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