Chocolate Smoothie Recipes Aren’t Always As Bad As You Think They Are

Over the years, chocolate has been making a bad name for itself amongst the health conscious crowd for a bundle of reasons. However, what really makes the treat unhealthy are the other ingredients they include in its mixture, such as sugar and milk - without these additives, raw cocoa would actually do a lot more good than bad.

Cocoa, which is often used in chocolate smoothie recipes, is actually a fruit with some pretty interesting health benefits under its title. First and foremost, it made its way to the top 10 antioxidants foods, and is currently ranking number one. Even Goji Berries pales in comparison to this super food.

Having regular doses of antioxidants prevents the development of certain severe diseases such as cancer. Also, it helps “slow down” the aging process, making you look younger for a longer period of time.

The above stated facts alone are more than enough reasons for you to change your mind about chocolate smoothie recipes. But if it wasn’t, here’s another health bonus people can get by drinking it regularly: one is its capability to put you into a better mood.

This is possible because of a chemical known as anandamide – it’s the same thing that the brain releases when you’re feeling happy, excited and or alert. Moving forward, another plus for cacao is its content of arginine, an essential amino acid that aids the body with the production of nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide in turn serves to your advantage by lowering your blood pressure – it does this by relaxing your blood vessels, thereby allowing better blood circulation. Also, improving sexual performance is another advantage brought to the table. Moreover, it speeds up the wound healing process and removes ammonia from your body.

There are numerous other natural ingredients which can be used to sweeten chocolate smoothie recipes. One example would be dates – these fruits are very sweet, and can add extra thickness to your concoctions. If you’d like a healthier way of making the drink creamier, then maybe you should consider mixing a little avocado into the blend.

Lastly, there’s a long list of other health benefits that you can obtain from chocolate smoothie recipes. In order to retain the gains indicated earlier, always remember to use raw cocoa. Again, keep in mind that it’s the additives in chocolates that make them unhealthy, therefore the calories and sugar you get from this beverage is dependent on what you use for creating it.