Benefits of Coffee

When you think about coffee, you almost always think about caffeine as well. Caffeine is the substance that is found in coffee that has both positive and negative sides to it. Through the years, the caffeine content of coffee has given this beverage some kind of controversy. It is a known stimulant and affects the nervous system. Some people have put the blame on caffeine for certain health problems such as increased blood pressure, higher heart rate, irregular heartbeat and heart disease. Further, the body also develops a certain dependency on it when taken regularly. This is why coffee drinkers always need their caffeine fixes at certain times of the day. However, recent studies have discovered that this substance also provides immense benefits to health.

The most beneficial property of coffee comes from the antioxidants present in it. It is known to contain more antioxidants than a single serving of raspberries, blueberries or oranges. Antioxidants prevent cell damage by minimizing the action of free radicals and it also helps in controlling inflammation.

The caffeine that you get from your coffee is not all that bad. This caffeine that can potentially cause cardiovascular diseases is the same caffeine that can help reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes and improve the normal metabolism of glucose. Moreover, it also aids in weight loss by increasing thermogenesis, the process of generating heat in the body. A scientific study has concluded that the regular consumption of six cups of caffeinated coffee daily makes the body expend 100 kilocalories daily as well. The other benefits that coffee provides include improved alertness, reduced risk of gallstones, liver damage and colon cancer, improved endurance and enhanced cognitive function.

Because of its pros and cons, coffee must be taken in moderation. The recommended intake is two to four cups daily. Some even argue that health benefits can be gained by drinking six cups daily; however, if the intake is more than this amount, the health benefits will be negated. In the same vein, if you drink less than two cups daily, you will not be able to feel the benefits as well.

Coffee Storage Tips

You need to keep your coffee as fresh as possible because freshness affects the amount of antioxidants present as well as the flavor. This is especially true since you would like your smoothie to be very delicious and nutritious. The fresher the coffee, the more flavorful and healthy it is. Here are some tips to retain the quality of your coffee:

1. Put the coffee in an air-tight container with a rubber seal and store it in a cool, dry, dark place. Consume within two weeks from purchase for maximum quality.
2. Never store coffee in the freezer or refrigerator because this will cause moisture to get into the beans. Freezing breaks down the oils inside the beans and will destroy the flavor.
3. If you must freeze the beans, wrap it in such a way as to keep out moisture and air. Once thawed, do not re-freeze the beans.

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