Basic Method of Smoothie Preparation

No technical knowledge or skill is required to make a smoothie. As long as you have the ingredients and equipment, then you can start making your first glass immediately.

A rule of thumb that veteran smoothie makers follow to estimate ingredient amounts is to mix 1 part fruit, 1 part liquid and 2 parts thick base. For the uninitiated, a step-by-step procedure would be more helpful at this stage.

Step 1:

Assemble all the ingredients so that you will have everything on hand. Pour ¼ to 2 cups liquid into the blender. You can use one type of liquid or you can mix different kinds, depending on your taste preference. How much you put into the blender is up to you but you can start with ¼ c and add more when needed. If you plan on adding ice cubes later, you would probably have to add more liquid as well.

Step 2:

Add ¼ to 2 c chopped fruits or vegetables. Do not pour all of them at once if you are using different kinds. Put the hard ones first and press the pulse button a few times to break them down. Add the softer ones and pulse again. Make sure that the ingredients have been washed thoroughly and remove any stems or hard parts before mixing them in. If possible, freeze the fruits in advance to have creamier smoothies.

Step 3:

Add ½ to 4 c thickener. This will give your smoothie its texture and consistency. Remember that you have already broken down the fruits and vegetables in the previous step so once the thickener is added, start blending at low speed and increase to high until the smoothie is smooth.

Step 4:

This is where you mix in the additives. Since these ingredients are optional, you may not have to go through this step. However, if you decide to put in flavor or nutritional enhancers, then continue blending until the added ingredients are completely incorporated into the smoothie.

The best thing about preparing smoothies is the lack or rules in combining the ingredients. You can be as creative as you like when it comes to taste, texture and thickness. If you find the mixture too thick, then add more liquid. It it’s too thin, add more fruit.

Smoothies are best when drunk right after blending. If this is not possible, then you can freeze them. Bear in mind though that oxidation takes place even if you store the drinks at low temperatures. Thus, it is best to consume the frozen smoothie within 24 hours from mixing.

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