A Good Smoothie Recipe: Reasons Why You Should Include Romaine Lettuce

With all the different recipes for smoothies circulating the internet, it’s hard to choose one that’ll offer maximum health benefits. You may try every single variation out there and see which concoction works best for you, or you could try doing background research on which ingredients pack the most nutrients, and find the constituents that go well with it.

Having said that, one of the ideal components you can ever include in a good smoothie recipe is romaine lettuce. Aside from the fact that it’s jam-packed with nutritional value, its flavor isn’t strong, making it easy to mask with the other “better tasting” additions in your mixture.

As a matter of fact, this type of lettuce’s taste is so mild that you can toss an entire head into the blender and it’ll still get masked by the other fixings. Also, like I’ve said earlier, romaine lettuce comes with loads of nutrients, but what exactly can you get from this vegetable?

With that said, here’s the first reason why this veggie makes a great component for a good smoothie recipe: an abundance of vitamin C. That serves to your advantage by giving a boost to your immune system, therefore shielding you from all sorts of diseases. Moreover, an entire head of this leafy green gives you 167% of your RDA for the said vitamin.

Another item of value that makes this variation of lettuce key to any good smoothie recipe is its pretty high protein content. Even better, all of the 8 essential amino acids can be found here, meaning its composition of protein is undoubtedly complete.

The super veggie comes with a substantial amount of vitamin A, which is excellent for improving eyesight. This vitamin contains antioxidants as well, making it efficient at destroying free radicals and improving skin texture. I did say it holds a substantial amount of this vitamin, but just how much is it exactly? Well to be specific, one head is enough to give you 1817% of your recommended daily allowance of this nutrient.

These are just some of many reasons why this leafy green has outstanding potential to make a good smoothie recipe. The nutrition you get from it is bountiful, plus it doesn’t come with that too many calories per heard, which is somewhere around 100 calories only. You can drink this any time of the day, and it serves as a terrific substitute for unnatural snacks and other food.